Showreel FAQs


How long after filming will I get my reel?

We will send you an edited, graded cut of your showreel within 28 days of your shoot.

For an additional £80 we will deliver it within 7 days. For an additional £150 we will deliver it within 24 hours.


How much is the deposit?

We require a £50 deposit on both showreels and headshots to confirm your booking. This deposit is fully refundable unless you cancel within 48 hours of your shoot.


Do you provide props and costumes?

In general we do not provide props or costumes. There are some circumstances in which we do, however it is best to assume that any props or costumes will need to be provided by you. We will let you know in advance if we can provide anything.


Where will we film my reel?

Anywhere and everywhere. Flats, parks, houses, under water (on special occasions). We can discuss this in depth once you know what kind of reel you're after.


How do we find a location?

We have access to a few locations around South London where we are based. If you have a location in mind that you'd love to use then please let us know and we will try to work there. When choosing a location please keep in mind the obvious extra challenges that an outdoor shoot provides. 


Will you guys travel to a location?

We are based in South London but are happy to travel anywhere. If we have to travel longer than 1.5 hours then we will add travel charges to the cost of your reel. We will discuss this with you when you inquire. 


Do you work outside of London?

We are more than happy for a city break to shoot your reel! However, this will come at an extra travel expense that we will discuss before shooting your reel.


How do you write your scripts?

Our writers will work closely with you when writing your script. Please bombard us with references and material that you like. This can include pictures, films, other scripts, news articles etc. From that we can get the tone and feel of what you want. We will then work back and forth with you until you are happy.


Can I bring my own script?

Of course! Please make sure they are two standard Final Draft script pages or less.


Who else will be in my scene?

You can bring along anyone that wants to get some time on the big (or laptop) screen. Otherwise we can shoot you doing a monologue or provide a scene partner for you.


Who will be in the crew?

We have our own crew that have all worked professionally on film and television sets.


How long will it take to shoot?

We would film a two page scene in 5-7 hours. If you want to split the shooting up over a couple of days then you're welcome to do so, but it will come at an additional cost.


My script is longer than two pages and it's so brilliant I can't cut any of it!

No worries! We are very happy to work on longer scripts. If you want to make a bloody short film (or a feature!) then let us know. Be mindful however that extra days of shooting will cost more.


Can I make revisions to the first edit you send me?

This is your reel so of course you're welcome to let us know about any revisions you'd like to make after you see the first edit. Within 7 days please send us the time-codes and we will get right on it. Once we've sent you the final edit however, you will not be able to make any further edits. As they say - it's there forever.


I just want to rock up and act. Can you guys do everything else?

Of course we can! If you're willing to relinquish control, all you'll have to do is learn your lines. Beyond that, all we need to know from you is what type of role you'd like to play in the reel.


I want to control EVERYTHING. Can you guys work with that?

Yes we bloody can! We will always be able to advise you based on our experience, but ultimately it is your project and we are there to collaborate with you to get the best result possible.